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Religion, Worldviews and Animals

May 20, 2022

For my whole adult life I have been considering how my Christian faith informs what I think about and how I interact with the wider natural world. What does being a follower of Jesus mean for the way I treat the rest of his creation? What are the implications for our relationships with animals? Should we eat meat? What does a sustainable future for the world look like? Where does the Covid-19 pandemic come into all this?

In the video below I discuss these and other questions with Prof Dr Pim Martens of Maastricht University in the Netherlands, so do take a look.

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  • Reply Donald Black May 20, 2022 at 4:50 pm

    Happy with the idea of tension between two bookends. A couple of thoughts.
    !. Animals eat other animals and the ideal of animals not eating other animals is also there in Scripture., but it’s a bit of a stretch that this is “because of the fall”.
    2. The “sabbath” (seventh) day is for the animals too, and the sabbath (seventh) year is rest for the crops, so do we need a theology of vegetable rights?

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