Proverbs: Living a life of wisdom today

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Part of the Cover to Cover Bible study guide series, this book takes us through Proverbs. It breaks it down into some of its main themes, which include the power of speech, family relationships, the call to respond to people in need, money and work. This is not a Bible book often taught in our churches and that is much to our loss, for Proverbs contains a bounty of treasures waiting to be discovered.

I wrote this book to help us stay true to God in a complicated world. Those of us who are Christians face a daily barrage of questions as to how we can live God’s way in this fallen world. It takes wisdom to know how, as followers of Jesus, we can steer a straight course through life’s choppy waters. The wisdom we will be learning about belongs to a loving Father God, desperate to pour out His heart and have a relationship with us.


  • Reply John Thomas December 10, 2013 at 12:06 pm

    Hi Ruth, I am also interested in the writings of Solomon. Did you know that, as the wisest person to ever live, he was inspired by God to discover the principles of creative genius and record them for posterity in the enigmatic verse of the Song of Songs, thereby complementing Proverbs and Ecclesiastes to complete a wisdom trilogy?

    Although the significance of the Song was long lost, King Solomon’s Masterclass in Creativity now restores it, making it possible for any interested person, even a lowly peasant, to understand and emulate the working methods of Mozart, Einstein, Lennon, Ford, Blyton, Newton, Dickens, Tennyson, Faraday . . . Had Israel remained faithful to God, the Song would have transformed the world in the way it has been in the last couple of centuries, but with technology used more wisely.

    Here, as an example, is one of my own attempts at writing poetry:
    My love thy beauty is a burning flame
    And I mere mortal man dare I draw near thee
    Or even pause to think upon thy name
    In case thy spirit presence should devour me

    Yet by desire now drawn I flutter in
    To bask here blithely in thy radiant power
    And feel a passion kindle deep within
    An ecstasy no earthly lips can utter

    What is this power woman wields o’er man
    Subduing him to her since time began

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    • Reply ruthvalerio December 10, 2013 at 7:58 pm

      Thanks John, all the best to you

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