2 February: Climate Leaders Course, Church in Wales

5 March: St Michael Le Belfrey Church, York

26 March: Christ Church, Welwyn Garden City

21 April: XR ‘The Big One’ Service and Pilgrimage

22 April: Northampton Methodist District Synod, Oxford

13 May: Climate Retreat, Royal Foundation of St Katharine’s, London

16 – 19 May: Ashburnham Place Retreat, East Sussex

23 May: Reconciling Mission, Anglican dioceses of Durham, Lincoln, Monmouth, Newcastle, Southwark and York – Online

27 – 29 May:  Cliff College Festival, Morning Bible Sessions

11 June: Revelation Family Church, Chichester

14 – 16 June: The Center for Faith & Society at the University of Fribourg with The Institute for Ecumenical Studies, Switzerland

24 June: St Pancras Church, Chichester

30 June: Oikos Network plenary (online)

2 July: Rochester Cathedral

2 July pm: Interfaith session on climate repentance (online)

5 July: Theological Educators Durham Annual Conference, High Leigh Hertfordshire

5 July: Saint Francis-inspired: Nature and the environment, The National Gallery London

18 July: Rochester Cathedral

4 August: Creation Fest, Wadebridge

26 August: Greenbelt, Kettering

3 September: Canterbury Cathedral

9 – 23 September: Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda (various engagements)

21 October: GroenGelovig, Netherlands

29 October: All Saints Hordle and St Andrews Tiptoe, Hordle

3 November: Anglican Bishops’ training – Canterbury Cathedral

5 November: Revelation Family Church, Chichester

15 November: Sion College environment event, Lambeth Palace Library, London

16 November: Bates Wells Spotlight Conference, London

26 November: Emmaus Road Church, Guildford

30 November: Rochester Cathedral

2 – 3 December: Creation Care Weekend, Torbay


31 January: All Saints Church, Kingston

22 February: Churches Together, Bristol

5 March: Chairs of Districts of the Methodist Church meeting, Northampton

15 March: Durham University Common Awards webinar (online)

23 April: Courageous Advocacy Network – Church of England Foundation for Educational Leadership (online)

11 May: The Royal Foundation of St Katharine, London

17 May: St Augustine’s College of Theology, West Malling

24 May: Together for Christ His Kingdom and His Church (online)

22 – 28 September: The Lausanne 4 Journey and Seoul 2024, South Korea

6 – 13 October: St Paul’s Theological College, Malaysia


  • Reply Carolynne Meer January 9, 2014 at 5:48 pm

    Hi Ruth, Can you please tell me more about the Land Conference at Wiston House. Kind regards, Cally

  • Reply Maria Wells May 27, 2019 at 1:57 pm

    Hello Ruth – we met in Bishops Cleeve Cheltenham and I was very inspired by your talk. I am working with a few other church members, in a city church in a culturally diverse area of Gloucester, to try to get an eco church award. We are hoping to have a ‘Green day’ in the Autumn where we hopefully can engage our community with environmental issues , we are in initial stages of planning and hoping to have a speaker. ( We have no money but could pay travel) is this something you might be able to do or of not recommend someone who could.

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