Turning Lent on Its Head

March 21, 2013

debbieIt seems to have become very fashionable to do Lent nowadays – they were even talking about it on Radio 1 the other day. For the first time, we are all doing Lent together as a family, following a traditional meat-free fast and doing Christian Aid’s Count Your Blessings scheme each dinner-time. It has actually become something that each family member has engaged with and we’re really getting a lot from it.

Another good Lent scheme is 40Acts, which Debbie Wright has been coordinating. In this Guest Article on the A Rocha Living Lightly site she reflects on what she’s learned from running the scheme and on how it has turned Lent upside down for her. Do take a look – I think her words are challenging and stimulating, and I hope will give you something to reflect on as we continue through this Lentern time.

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